Pretty much self explanatory



Welcome to my world. Stay here forever. I love you forever.


ive never been this fucking happy

and sad at the same time. Drugo zbog neuspjelog ispita. A prvo zbog nje. She is just like me. Gleda na svijet mojim ocima. Voli istu muziku ko ja, voli iste stvari ko ja. Razumijemo se savrseno. Is this even possible? Ive started smoking today and I enjoy it. The entire pack is almost gone fuck it, makes me calmer. But I dont even need to when she is there. She is my happines. I hope this lasts. I trust her. I honestly love everything about her. I want her forever.


If you were dead or still alive

I don't care... I don't care!


The grass was greener, the light was brighter


But he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind

Until the night he put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger... And finally drank away her memory. This song man... Thanks, friend.


This song.. what the hell

Prijatelj kojeg sam jucer upoznao preko igre, iz Engleske, mi je poslao ovu pjesmu. Nisam ocekivao da ce biti ovakva, nesto najbolje sto sam cuo u zadnje vrijeme. Budi cudna osjecanja. Navodno se pjeva o ljudima koji pokusavaju pronaci toplo skloniste prije nego sto umru od posljedica hladnoce. Takodjer je spot isto tako predobro uradjen... Postoji Morseova abeceda u dijelu spota, a prijevod je ovaj: “It doesn’t matter what I say.” “The only thing that matters is how you feel.” “Understanding that the words are irrelevant is of great importance.” “What feelings do you have?” Vjecno sam mu zahvalan sto me upoznao sa ovom Isladnskom grupom.


Im just see-through, faded


I sure don't mind a change


I am way too drunk and sad for this shit

Check this out on Chirbit


I just want you to know that I, don't hate you anymore


So fucking retarded.

You don't mind his weed, but you mind my alcohol. Fuck you and your religious bullshit. edit: It's not that I have anything against weed, but the level of hypocrisy is insane.


Ne znam više jesam li sober or drunk

But I know I like it.


Necu da se mijenjam


beer, Nirvana and my favorite game

This is my medication. I don't give a flying fuck if someone thinks I shouldn't do it. Including her. Because if she is not ready to make a turn for me, then why the fuck would I do it for her. Jednostavno receno.


she saw me inside

And she shouldn't. No one should. I am too weak. No one would like me like that. It's fucking stupid... I will just let her go... Best solution... Tjeram sve od sebe, tako mi i treba kad sam kreten.


Sloppy lips to lips

You're my vitamins... I like you.. I love Nirvana so fucking much, if it wasn't for them I would probably be dead by now, because they gave me the strength when I needed it the most


it's back

fuck me.


No matter what happens, we’ll be okay.


ok kellz, ok

Znaci, puking... I don't even know where I was puking... I am disgusted by myself. Work, late... ljudi su kontali da sam ded. Iako sam bio blizu tbh. Don't know what else to say. This morning it's even worse, this fucking feeling won't go away. I will seek medical attention lul al ko ce cekat onoliko jbm ti... Po 2-3 sata....


I'm praying to the sky and I don't even know why

svaka riječ...


fuck this feeling.

it honestly sucks...


You'll think you're happy



Maybe xanax? Either way, I love my job.


what the hell am I doing here


She said I'm a crybaby

Speeding down the highway, looking at the street lights.. Geeking on a Friday, I can never sleep right... Knowing I hurt you, I don't deserve you, I should've curved you, I know I'm the worst boo...


new PC!

feels good


Ideas are bulletproof


Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die

I can't fear death no longer, I've died a thousand times.


Where is my mind?

Danas sam napravio mašinicu za tetoviranje i radi perfektno! Can't wait to try it out.


Can you feel my heart?

I'm scared to get close and I hate being alone.I long for that feeling to not feel at all. The higher I get, the lower I'll sink. I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim.

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